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    Please note we do not Return an item for change of mind so please do your research thoroughly.

    But you can choose a refund or exchange if an item has a major problem that has not been caused through misuse or reasonable wear and tear. Please take care of your devices and read your instructions very carefully.

    Please complete all Troubleshooting steps first as per below.

    Please keep your proof of purchase: 

    • Your Receipt
    • Bank Statement showing the date of purchase

    1. Have you tried the 5 or 3 clicks to lock and unlock your device (depending on device)?

    2. Have you read your instructions or completed a much loved Google Search?

    3. Unscrew the coil and rescrew back in (some times it is just that the coil is not screwed in properly or cross threaded)

    4. Are the Batteries in the correct way and are free of nicks or cuts on the battery sleeve. (if there is a nick or cut or any of the metal showing do not use the battery as it is unsafe.) Remember to look after your batteries.

    5. For a Sub Ohm Tank are you using 70Vg/30Pg or thicker as they are not designed for thinner juice. please contact us if you are unsure.

    6. Call us for an over the phone consultation as most times we can trouble shoot relatively quickly over the phone.

    7. Come in to store and we can go through the device with you, work out if the product is faulty and steps to take from here.


    Please contact the store or better yet come into store for so we can troubleshoot further and deem if faulty or not and if so what can we do from here.

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