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    For over 6 years, Wayne Hawkins has been a noteworthy leader in the vape space in his own head.
    You may know him as the Owner (when his wife let’s him) at Major Vapour but Wayne can also be credited with contributions to life, knowledge , and his own self importance.
    Wayne opened Major Vapour after vaping for several years and having to order from America and waiting, then I found a home vendor who blatantly ripped me off which pushed me into open a store.
    We do this to help as many people as we can at a respectable price. Because from personal experience I believe vaping has saved my life.
    Well being Mrs Major Vapour Jodie is definitely the actual Boss in the business. The Juice Creator now taking over from Wayne the Back end Business handler and really the business couldn't run without her. Just ask her :)
    Even though Jodie explains she has never been a smoker she is so passionate about Vaping to help people quit smoking for 2 reasons.
    "Both reasons are as important as each other but firstly I watch my husband Wayne smoke for our whole relationship, it made him unwell, smelt bad, was not something I wanted our children to follow and I knew in the end it would kill him. He is in amazing health since beginning to Vape and I am so proud of him and grateful he began is Vaping journey.
    The second reason is my Father-inlaw was also a Smoker and was so active and healthy still playing soccer at 60 years old. Then one day he was diagnosed with Throat Cancer, we were devastated and watch him slowly suffer and pass away over the next 3 years. I wish more than anything else that we had found Vaping earlier because I believe if he had he would still be here. "


    Teleah - My Quit Story begin in June 2018 when I started working for Mr and Mrs Hawkins. Most people want to quit for their health or the money. I had successfully quit smoking in past, but that would only last a couple of months than it was back to smoking.
    I started vaping but I couldn’t find the right flavour for me. I still started with fruity flavours, then lollies but nothing was helping me want smokes less. The wonderful Mrs Hawkins then created Major Bacco, a run of the mill cigs. It tasted just like a smoke. Now I had a flavour that tricked my mind into thinking I was smoking. It wasn’t long before I had quit smoking and was just vaping.
    I did have my struggle days and started smoking again. But over the years I smoked and quit about 2-4times over the years. I have been smoke free since the start of 2021. I have also quit vaping around the same time and only vape when I’m at work to try new flavours and test new devices.
    I have saved countless amount of money and started a new hobby of mountain biking. Which I never thought I would be fit enough to do.
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