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    What is Vaping, explained by Athra. 

    Vaping is a less harmful alternative for adult smokers who are often unable to quit smoking on their own or with other methods. Vaping delivers nicotine and mimics the familiar hand-to-mouth action and sensations of smoking.

    Vaporisers heat a liquid solution into an aerosol which is inhaled and exhaled as a visible mist. This is known as ‘vaping’.

    All vaporisers consist of a battery (usually rechargeable), a tank or reservoir to hold the e-liquid and a coil or heating element to heat the liquid to create the vapour.

    As there is no tobacco and no combustion, almost all the toxic chemicals in smoke are absent from vapour. Those that are still present are in far lower doses than in tobacco smoke.

    Some smokers use vaping for a short time to quit tobacco smoking and then cease vaping. Others continue vaping long-term to prevent relapse to smoking. Some smokers experiment with vaping without intending to quit but then ‘accidentally’ quit.

    Vaping should not be used by non-smokers including young people who don’t smoke.

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