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    Apple Flavour:

    Anarchist Green: Oven baked cookies, smothered with cookie butter, topped with crisp granny smith apple.

    Major Vapour Candied Apple: Hard candy Apple

    Candy King Gush: Orange, Blueberry, Raspberry, Green Apple & Strawberry

    Candy King Hard Apple: Sweet & Sour Apple

    Cider Farms Vintage Apple: Sweet Crisp Apple

    Dr Frost Apple & Cranberry Ice: Apple and Cranberry Ice Drink

    Hoots Box On Rocks: Sweet & crispy apple Juice with Ice

    Hoots Box: Sweet & Crispy Apple Juice

    Jam Monster Apple: Toast + Butter + Apple Jam

    Yami Vapour Juusu: Crisp Apples, Sweet Peach & Juicy Lychee

    Major Vapour Papa B Fruit Juice: Mixed Fruits Secret recipe

    Redback Juice Co. Apple & Pomegranate: Sweet crisp Apple meets Sour Pomegranate

    Riot Squad Grapple & Slapcurrant: Apple & Blackcurrant bash together

    Riot Squad Smashed Apple Pie: Butter crust, hot Apple and Punch of rhubarb

    Seinbros Strawberry Wreckos: 3 kinds of flavour with a hint of Apple

    Shijin Vapor Tortoise Blood On Ice: Blue Raspberry green apple sherbet with Menthol

    Shijin Vapor Tortoise Blood: Blue Raspberry green apple sherbet

    Shijin Vapour Tortoise Blood On the Rocks: Blue Raspberry green apple with Spearmint      bubblegum

    Shortfuse Currant Affair: Blackcurrant & Fuji Apple & Grape Juice

    Shortfuse Eden: Fuji Apple & Strawberry & Peach

    Sub-Zero Ice Strawberry Apple: Strawberry Punch with Icy Apple twist

    The One Apple Cinnamon: Crispy Fuji apple baked into a cinnamon donuts with milk

    Wild Roots Passionfruit + Wild Mango + Red Apple

    Wild Roots Pressed Peak + Pink Lady + Elderflower


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